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Papers on engineering education

Trainee Achievements

Papers on engineering education

CiBER-IGERT Trainee Elias Patten published three conference papers on engineering education with advisor Professor Lisa Pruitt. Elias presented a study on the use of learning styles for teamwork in a multidisciplinary course. A second study found that courses incorporating outreach projects with K-8 students appeal to women in undergraduate engineering programs. Such courses could be used as an entry model to recruit and retain women in engineering. The outreach activity not only allows engineering students to contribute to society, but exposes K-8 women to engineering and role models. A third study, assigned a medical device to undergraduate groups with the task of teaching a technical concept associated with the medical implant to K-12 learners using an interactive science exhibit that addressed all facets of learning. Undergraduate students strengthened their subject matter grasp, while inspiring a renewed interest in math, science and technology and a goal of becoming an engineer.