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IGERT trainee creates three board games

Trainee Achievements

IGERT trainee creates three board games

Kyle Burke created three board games, one of which already has the potential to be published. This game, Atropos, is a two-player game based on Sperner’s Lemma concerning the coloration of simplexes. Although the game is simple to learn to play, finding winning strategies has been proven to be computationally complete. A small Boston-based publishing company, Cambridge Games, is considering picking up a variant of Atropos which can be played with more than two people and uses some random elements. Meanwhile, Atropos is used as a pedagogical example for Sperner’s Lemma--a tool for showing the complexity of finding Nash Equilibria.

Kyle has continued to create other games from multi-disciplinary topics, including Matchmaker, based on the Stable Marriage Problem, and Dictator, a game using Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem for voting systems. Although Kyle’s field is Computer Science, his games all contain elements from Economics, in both computational and classic areas.