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Trainee develops travel and demand modeling system

Trainee Achievements

Trainee develops travel and demand modeling system

Mahmoud Javanmardi, Civil Engineering, developed an integrated travel and demand modeling system over the last reporting period by tightly integrating one existing model, ADAPTS, with another model, TRANSIM. Unlike other integrated models, this new and unique demand model is not only aware of state/positions of agents, but also can change/cancel/create current and future plans during simulation.

As his research progressed, Mahmoud realized that existing software packages where inadequate for his needs. He modified the TRANSIMS router and Microsimulator code to meet his software needs. The interdisciplinary aspects of the IGERT program provided the foundation he needed to connect the two modeling system to work together. The result is a totally novel model that will be used as an advanced platform for testing various policies including dynamic pricing policies and more accurately estimating vehicles emission.