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Trainees organizing international conference

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Trainees organizing international conference

The IGERT student cohort is very active, and several of them are even organizing an international student conference this year, titled "International OSA Network of Students" (IONS). This conference session will be held this Fall semester, between Columbia University and City College. This conference brings the cross-disciplinary work in optics and quantum electronics, and is completely student-led. In the United States, prior conferences were held at Stanford and the University of Arizona the year prior.

Students from other universities will be invited to give seminars and posters, and invited distinguished speakers from industry and academia will be brought in. To support this program, additional funding outside the IGERT will be sought from OSA, SPIE, companies, etc. In addition, this student team already brought in the Chief Editor of Nature Photonics, to tell us about a "Career in Science Communications".