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New technology for grid-scale energy storage

Trainee Achievements

New technology for grid-scale energy storage

Mr. Christopher Dennison (Advisor: E.C. Kumbur) and an interdisciplinary team of researchers from Drexel University have reported the development of a new technology for grid-scale energy storage which could provide a fast, efficient method for storing energy on the electrical grid. This new technology, dubbed the ‘electrochemical flow capacitor’, stores energy in the same way as a supercapacitor, but is much less costly to scale up for large, industrial and grid applications. The results of the team’s recent study was published in a special issue of Advanced Energy Materials focusing on next-generation batteries, released in May 2012. Chris was also recently awarded an I-Corps award for his proposal titled "Flow Capacitors for Grid Scale Energy Storage".

The team’s ongoing work is focused on developing new slurry compositions based on different carbon nanomaterials and electrolytes, as well as optimizing their flow cell design.