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Internship at Air Liquide Laboratories Inc.

Trainee Achievements

Internship at Air Liquide Laboratories Inc.

Jonathon Church--In a collaborative effort with Air Liquide Laboratories Inc. located in Tsukuba, Japan, I will be doing research in the development and application of gases used in the electronics industry. The internship period began in March 2013. It was clear before this project that I would be working with the international science community on large scale problems facing the world’s technology sector.
The scope of this internship is to understand, develop, and engineer the factors in developing the next generation technology. Today there is a struggle to find materials that not only have superior characteristics but are compatible, affordable and inert to the environment and people. The research and development center at Air Liquide Laboratories is capable of synthesizing, depositing, and characterizing novel materials for the emerging electronic devices. I will be acquiring valuable knowledge about the chemistry, growth, and analysis of next generation photonic technologies.