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Trainee develops training program for math grad student TAs

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Trainee develops training program for math grad student TAs

The Graduates Reaching for Excellence in Academics and Teaching (GREAT) program at Texas A&M was conceived and established this year based on the primary initiative of trainee Tracey Weyand. The goal of the GREAT Program is to help mathematics graduate students become successful teaching assistants by providing guidelines and technical knowledge, along with practical, applicable advice, necessary to do an outstanding job. Proposed by Weyand after her involvement in the Graduate Teaching Academy, it was developed over the summer of 2012. She has arranged for the guest lectures, given many herself, and provides advice and a web-page to help students with a variety of teaching issues. Trainees Gin and Olson were also involved in the seminars this year. Weyand along with calculus lab coordinator Manuel are now working with MathWorks in developing new training for our TAs for labs using their software, with new instructional sessions and tutorials being developed for August 2013.