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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. track in Mathematics

Education Achievements

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. track in Mathematics

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. track in Mathematics was developed during the course of our IGERT program, and currently the program has become an extremely successful part of the curriculum, with three Ph.D. graduates this year (including IGERT trainees Lauren Ferguson and Donald Brown). Developed by IGERT coPI Walton largely in response to our experiences with the IGERT curriculum, this degree option allows room for cross-disciplinary study and research within a still rigorous curriculum. We believe that this option has kept some of our most interdisciplinary-oriented students from transferring out of the program and into other universities. Along with the new Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, this curriculum provides a framework in which we can carry forward many of the multidisciplinary curricular and programmatic features of our IGERT.