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Three signature IGERT graduate courses

Education Achievements

Three signature IGERT graduate courses

The Biointerfaces IGERT has made significant impact in terms of training over 200 graduate students to date in three signature graduate courses that were designed from scratch since the inception of the IGERT in 2004. These courses remain among the most popular courses on campus to straddle life sciences, engineering, and physical sciences. The course on Biointerfacial Characterization, offered for a fourth time by Professor Moghe in Fall 2008, received high ratings for course quality, and involved lab demos related to biointerfacial techniques ranging from spectroscopy to cell cohesion to multiphoton microscopy as well as in class presentations of crossfunctional projects guided by peer students from different disciplines. The course on Nano and Microengineered Biointerfaces offered by Professor Uhrich remains highly sought after by graduate students and is on the course to being institutionalized.