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Social & Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology course

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Social & Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology course

Social & Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology was offered as credit for the INCBN IGERT students. The instructor was Dr. James Giordano, Chief, Neuroethics Studies Program, Edmund D. Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics and Division of Integrative Physiology; Dept of Biochemistry, Georgetown University Medical Center. A current view of ethics and ethical systems was provided to afford a basis with which the student can approach and address particular ethical issues relevant to S/T, as focal to particular disciplines. An overview of frontier areas of science and technology was also presented, with regard to the extent and scope of new knowledge and capability, and the impact of application(s) of research and technology in the human condition and upon the human being. Such knowledge and its uses are likely to incur ethical issues, problems and dilemmas, and paradigms for ethical, legal, and social probity, safety and surety, and a putative “preparatory stance” was discussed.