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Nano-in-microparticles developed as drug delivery vehicle

Research Achievements

Nano-in-microparticles developed as drug delivery vehicle

Amber McBride has developed a novel drug delivery vehicle, termed Nano-in-microparticles (NIMs). NIMs have been developed for the application of lung cancer and administered by the pulmonary route. By incorporating superparamagnetic iron oxide nanopartiles (SPIONs), a drug therapeutic (doxorubicin) and a excepient binding matrix alpha-monohydrate lactose, preliminary data has shown that NIMs can be site-directed and retained in the presence of magnetic-field-dependant targeting to specific regions of the respiratory tract in an ex vivo animal model. This interdisciplinary project incorporates the fields of inhalation therapy and material science, led by co-mentors Natalie Adolphi, PhD (Radiation Physics and Molecular Biology) and Pavan Muttil, PhD (Pharmaceutics).