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Trainees gain teaching and mentoring experiences

Education Achievements

Trainees gain teaching and mentoring experiences

The CTS IGERT enhances the educational experience of trainees by encouraging them to gain teaching and mentoring experiences. This is an important component since many wish to pursue a career in academia. This year, Alex Blei, Urban Planning & Policy, was a guest lecturer in Introduction to Urban Transportation, a required course in the transportation concentration, Masters of Urban Planning program, and also in the IGERT curriculum. Alex lectured on the land-use transportation nexus, presenting the topic’s theoretical background, landmark studies, and overview of the current transportation-land use research. Daniel Ayala, Computer Science, co-taught with O. Wolfson, IGERT PI, in the course Database Systems. He mentors several masters’ students. Emily Mugler, BioEngineering, assisted teaching of the course Modeling Physiological Data and Systems and the course Bioinstrumentation.