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Trainee conducted internship, coauthored work, and won award

Trainee Achievements

Trainee conducted internship, coauthored work, and won award

During the Summer term of 2012 James Biagioni conducted a productive internship at Microsoft Research (MSR) in Redmond, WA. James and his mentor, Dr. Krumm, articulated and performed a research project whose goal was to model how individuals assess the similarity of their daily activity patterns based entirely on recorded GPS location traces. To achieve this goal, they conducted a 30-person user-study where the GPS traces of subjects were logged and the subjects were interviewed by James and Dr. Krumm with the user of specially designed software. They then compared human-centered subjective similarity evaluations against those of objective trajectory similarity algorithms from the literature. They found 2 that worked better than the rest for the purposes of modeling human assessments of daily activity pattern similarity. They authored based on this work which has been accepted by a conference. James is the winner of the Dean's Scholar Award.