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Best paper awarded at ICDE'13

Trainee Achievements

Best paper awarded at ICDE'13

Trainee Shuo Ma's paper won best paper runner up at the 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (2013), ICDE’13. ICDE is a prestigious and highly competitive conference in computer science. The paper, titled "T-share: A large-scale dynamic ridesharing service", is a joint work during his internship with Yu Zheng in Microsoft and Shuo's advisor Ouri Wolfson. In the paper, they formally define the dynamic ridesharing problem and present a large-scale taxi ridesharing service, which efficiently serves real-time requests sent by taxi users and generates ridesharing schedules that reduce the total travel distance significantly. Tested with extensive experiments, their approach demonstrates its efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability. For example, our proposed service can serve 40% additional taxi users while saving 15% travel distance over no ridesharing (when the ratio between the number of queries and the number of taxies is 5).