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Seven new IGERT graduate courses approved

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Seven new IGERT graduate courses approved

Developed and got approval of the various Academic Senate Committees for seven new IGERT graduate courses: EE 270. Introduction to Video Bioinformatics EE271. Video Bioinformatics: Multi-scale Analysis of Biological Systems EE272. Introduction to Imaging Bioinstrumentation and Analysis EE 273. Live Imaging and Analysis of Cellular and Molecular Behaviors EE 274. Introduction to Medical Imaging and Analysis EE 275. Project in Video Bioinformatics EE 276. Colloquium in Video Bioinformatics. Two courses are offered every quarter. The courses are shared by the IGERT faculty. EE 270 was team taught by seven IGERT faculty members and EE 272 was taught by two IGERT faculty. EE 270, 271, 272, 273, 274 are cross listed with Genetic Genomics and Bioinformatics graduate program. EE 271 is cross listed with Bioengineering.