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PDMS based cell culture system

Research Achievements

PDMS based cell culture system

With the support of the NSF IGERT in CMMB, trainee Heather Huntsman developed a PDMS based cell culture system that more closely mimics the in vivo aged skeletal muscle environment. This system has given their lab a unique tool to study cell behavior in culture, and will help them to better understand the interaction between cells and their mechanical environment. Using this system, this trainee has been able to demonstrate that in response to cyclic strain, muscle-derived mesenchymal stem cells can stimulate muscle, vessel, and neuronal growth, both in vitro and in vivo. With each system displaying age-related deficits that contribute to loss of muscle function, these promising data suggest that stem cell based therapeutics may be a realistic strategy. The quality of this trainee’s work has been demonstrated through publications in high quality peer-reviewed journals, several published abstracts, and presentations.