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Complex interactions of nanomaterials in the environment

Education Achievements

Complex interactions of nanomaterials in the environment

IGERT Trainees participated in two courses during this reporting period that increased their understanding on the complex interactions of nanomaterials in the environment, and how these interactions can affect the overall impacts of these materials on the environment. This outcome derived from the course on fate and transport of organic contaminants and nanomaterials in the environment. The second course that five trainees participated in was the capstone project course. This course is unlike any course offered at Carnegie Mellon, and allowed the IGERT trainees to work together to identify the potential environmental health issues resulting from the use of nanomaterials in the electric power industry. This project was performed for the “client”, the electric power research institute (EPRI). It allowed the trainees to combine their respective expertise to address this complex issue. It also gave them valuable project and time management skills.