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Self-published e-book on clean energy technologies

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Self-published e-book on clean energy technologies

The work of the trainees from the IGERT developed course in clean energy was to be the basis for a special issue of the Bruin Business Review, a publication run by MBA students. However, the publication folded in the process of preparing the article. Our IGERT took this as an opportunity to self-publish our first e-book, edited by trainee Omar Asensio, and is available through the iTunes Store. The book contains general interest reviews on clean energy technologies including micro-wind, solar thermal and high efficiency multi-junction solar cells. It also features interactive content, images and videos designed to provide an introduction to Ph.D. research, news and analysis on clean energy technologies at UCLA. The book also contains demos from the EnGen Roadshow, a series of clean energy workshops designed for high school students in Los Angeles, a clean tech scorecard, and commentaries on policy and global investing.