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Colloquium required for PhD fellows

Education Achievements

Colloquium required for PhD fellows

We offer a 1-credit colloquium each semester that our fellows are required to take throughout their PhD programs. The colloquium brings together students from various participating departments (Biology, Geography, Math, Statistics, Wildlife ecology, etc.) on a weekly basis. The colloquium changes each semester as student needs and requirements change, and students have significant input on the format of the class. During the fall, students worked in interdisciplinary groups to tackle a specific research problems that they identified, to evaluate work that has been done and to present a proposal for additional needed research in the area. In the spring, the students worked with clients for the fifth cohort's workshop coming up in the 2013/2014 academic year. They read background papers for the work that they will be doing, and worked closely with the professors who will be working with them on the project.