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Internal erosion test on test levee in the Netherlands

Research Achievements

Internal erosion test on test levee in the Netherlands

IGERT trainees collaborated with US and international partners to participate in an internal erosion test on a full-scale test levee in the Netherlands in September 2012. The SmartDam team continues to process, analyze, and interpret the seismic, LIDAR, and self-potential data collected at the IJkdijk test levee. We are using a more interdisciplinary approach to help analyze the seismic traces, employing batch processing, visualization, and data mining techniques most commonly associated with computer science. In particular, we are attempting to use signal processing and data clustering techniques to help group events in the seismic data according to similarities and differences, which should help ease the burden of data interpretation. Furthermore, once we identify events of interest in the seismic signals, we plan to employ feature extraction and machine learning algorithms to automatically detect stages of incipient levee failure. We are actively pursuing publication of results.