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Advanced neutron detector development

Research Achievements

Advanced neutron detector development

Prof. Arnold Burger leads an interdisciplinary team with members experienced in materials science, nuclear physics and engineering, geophysics, and computational science that is developing new materials for neutron detectors. Their most recent publication reports progress in detector development using Li-based compounds [1]. They were able to develop a standard synthesis and crystal growth protocol that allows characterization of LiInSe2 crystals for use as a neutron detector. The team has also recently tested a europium-doped strontium iodide detector at a higher energy than previously possible.

1. E. Tupitsyn, P. Bhattacharya, E. Rowe, L. Matei, M. Groza, B. Wiggins, A. Burger, and A. Stowe, "Single Crystal of LiInSe2 Semiconductor for Neutron Detector." Applied Physics Letters 101, 202101 (2012).