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Core courses

Education Achievements

Core courses

The project developed four interdisciplinary core courses. IGERT trainees are required to take one lab course and two of three theory courses.

IGERT courses emphasize practical skills, conceptual understanding, and collaboration. They combine problem-based learning with a writing-intensive approach. Faculty from Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Engineering contribute.

In Winter 2012, MU Physics 8400, the lab course, explored the basic principles and practices of neutron scattering using the MU reactor. In 2013, MU Physics 7410 introduced concepts and physical techniques to investigate biological macromolecules and biomaterials, while MU Physics 8410 (Concepts in Nanoscale Materials) explored the fundamental physical behavior and characterization of nanoscale materials.

All eight MU trainees participated. MU Physics 7410 and 8410 registered 18 and 20 students, respectively. The two trainees at Indiana University participated by video link.