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Major advancement in brain-computer interface

Research Achievements

Major advancement in brain-computer interface

IGERT faculty Bin He and his team have made a major advancement in brain-computer interface in the IGERT-Neuroengineering theme of neural interfacing. The team is publishing a paper to appear in Journal of Neural Engineering on June 5, 2013, in which it is demonstrated that for the first time, humans are able to control a flying robot using "thoughts" from noninvasively scalp recorded EEG signals. This work demonstrates the tremendous potential of brain computer interface in controlling the external environment and ultimately may lead to development of noninvasively controlled artificial limbs. IGERT Associates Karl LaFleur and Alex Doud are co-authors of this paper. In the IGERT-Neuroengineering theme of Neural Interfacing, faculty and students published 14 publications during this reporting period.