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Neuroengineering practicum begins

Education Achievements

Neuroengineering practicum begins

A new course, BMEn 8335 Neuroengineering Practicum, was developed and taught for the first time in Spring 2013 by the IGERT PI Bin He. This course is required for IGERT trainees and also counts as a Core Course for the Neuroengineering minor that was developed last year. The course focuses on providing students with training in several topics, including (but not limited to) research ethics, professional conduct, conflicts of interest, plagiarism, copyright, authorship, research design considerations, IRB, intellectual properties, review process, professional presentations, and proposal writing. Each student in the course developed a research proposal as part of the course project. Six students registered for BMEn 8335 this past spring, including five IGERT trainees and one IGERT associate.