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Two new courses developed

Education Achievements

Two new courses developed

Two new courses have been developed by AU-IGERT faculty to build on the new interdisciplinary overview course (CHEN 6970 Sustainable Production of Fuels and Chemicals by Biorefining). These courses were offered in the Fall 2012 semester and will be offered again in Fall 2013. One course, BSEN 5540/6540 Biomass and Biofuels Engineering (Instructor: Dr. Sushil Adhikari), focuses on thermochemical conversion strategies, while the other, FOPR 5050/6050 Biomass Processing Chemistry and Bioenergy (Instructor: Dr. Maobing Tu), focuses on biological and biochemical conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals. These new courses allow the AU-IGERT trainees and associates to receive formal and detailed instruction/training in the conversion technologies most closely related to their respective research projects. All IGERT trainees are required to take at least one of these two courses.