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Critical Thinking in Biophotonics course developed

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Critical Thinking in Biophotonics course developed

We have developed and are currently offering our 2nd BEST IGERT course: Critical Thinking in Biophotonics. We have an enrollment of 10 students spanning Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. This course is being co-taught by BEST IGERT PI Prof. Vasan Venugopalan and co-PI Bruce Tromberg. It involves critical reading and evaluation of current research literature in Biophotonics all centered around a specific Biomedical Theme. This quarter's theme is Biophotonics and Cancer. Each week a specific paper is critiqued and the discussion is organized and led by a group of 3-4 students whose expertise collectively spans the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Engineering. This course is listed under the Department of Biomedical Engineering and is slated to become a standard course offering in future years.