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Workshop on energy, transportation, and water infrastructures

Education Achievements

Workshop on energy, transportation, and water infrastructures

Trainees have utilized a $50k NSF grant to organize a workshop for July 17-19, 2013 at ISU, titled "Workshop on Energy, Transportation, & Water Infrastructures: Policy & Social Perspectives," see

Their efforts began in Jan 2013 and are ongoing. This has been an educational activity in the following ways:
1. Organization skills: Trainees have learned how to work in teams to organize a large gathering, an experience they may draw on for many years.
2. Infrastructure science & engineering: Trainees are aware of wind energy as an infrastructure system; this workshop has provided them an opportunity to understand infrastructure systems, and how wind energy fits, in a larger context.
3. Policy and social science: The workshop has enabled trainees to view engineering systems from a policy/ social-science related perspective.
4. People: Trainees will have chance to meet some of the nation's leading researchers on infrastructure systems.