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INCBN IGERT seminar series adds value

Education Achievements

INCBN IGERT seminar series adds value

The INCBN IGERT seminar series has added exceptional value to the trainees’ educational experience. Students and faculty from diverse disciplines (biology, medicine, physics, and engineering) are benefiting from seminars delivered by experts in fields just as diverse. Trainees are not only exposed to cutting edge research which may exist outside their disciplines, they can also see how their own research can be diversified to fit into a multidisciplinary theme. Many trainees early in their PhD programs are fulfilling the core class requirements in their respective graduate programs. Thus, they rarely have the time to take classes outside of their disciplines. This makes the seminar all the more valuable in exposing trainees to both basic and advanced principles in cell biology, neuroscience, and nanotechnology. Questions for the speaker from the diverse audience ensure the important aspects of the presentations are understood by all, and again, provide a valuable educational tool.