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3-day course on communicating results to the public

Education Achievements

3-day course on communicating results to the public

Staff from the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC) worked with 8 CCSN students with some input from CCSN faculty to develop a 3-day course focused on how to communicate scientific goals and results to the general public. The workshops were held in the SLSC and covered topics including audience, language, and skills/tools for informal science presentation to the general public. Workshops included lectures, activities, group discussion, writing, brainstorming, and interacting with both SLSC staff and visitors.

After the workshops, the 8 participants helped to design, build and deliver ‘The Real World-Neuroscience,’ a 4-hour interactive exhibit in which neuroscientists (graduate students) speak with the general public about the principles and goals of neuroscience and the realities of their day-to-day research enterprise. The Real World-Neuroscience exhibit was featured at SciFest 2008 and at NeuroDay 2009.