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Human motor behavior in Parkinson's disease

Trainee Achievements

Human motor behavior in Parkinson's disease

Jennifer Semrau is an IGERT trainee studying human motor behavior. Through the CCSN Project Building, Jennifer has built a project expanding the basic science aims of her mentor into investigation of Parkinson’s Disease. Jennifer’s study asks how Parkinson’s patients, both on and off levodopa therapy, perform in a battery of performances: baseline control, reaction to perturbation of visual feedback, immediate alteration of predictive control in subsequent trials, and accumulation of motor memory over many trials. Jennifer has designed and implemented modifications to both hardware and protocol to suit Parkinson’s patients.

Although this study is ongoing, Jennifer has received coverage of her study from an internal Washington University publication of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Studies (ICTS News) and from a magazine of the NCRR of the NIH (NCRR Reporter).