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Trainee attends Vritual School of Comp Sci and Eng

Trainee Achievements

Trainee attends Vritual School of Comp Sci and Eng

IGERT Trainee Kevin Tubbs participated in the first summer school offered by the Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering, part of the educational component of the Blue Waters petascale project at the National Center for Super Computing Applications (NCSA). Kevin Tubbs was selected as one of 40 out of approximately 200 applications. The course was attended by students from varied background and disciplines and provided an excellent international and interdisciplinary educational opportunity for the IGERT students who participated. This training was part of IGERT Trainee Kevin Tubbs recently funded mini-grant proposal entitled "GPU Programming Center for IGERT/CFD Applications and Visualizations". IGERT Trainee Kevin Tubbs was interviewed about his experiences at the summer school which was published in the NCSA Access for Fall 2008. (