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Four-week international experience

Education Achievements

Four-week international experience

Eight IGERT trainees were involved in a four-week international experience in France, Italy, and Switzerland during the 2008 Summer Term. Each trainee selected a laboratory that was performing research complementary to the trainee’s research, contacted the laboratory director, arranged four a research experience targeted at learning or sharing research technique or at developing a research collaboration. The universities involved were in Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Milan, and Lausanne. All of the trainees met with Prof. DeWeerth, the IGERT PI, and their mentors in Paris for a post-research debriefing and workshop. The program was a success in that the trainees all state that they not only learned technical knowledge, but also developed a much better appreciation of the differences in the research experience between the U.S. and the countries/universities that they visited.