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IGERT trainees engaged in international collaboration

Trainee Achievements

IGERT trainees engaged in international collaboration

IGERT trainee Fred Sieling developed a collaborative project with Drs. Romuald Nargeot and John Simmers at the Neurobiologie Adaptative des Systèmes Moteurs Laboratory at Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2.  Using IGERT international travel funds, he worked for three weeks in Bordeaux in June 2008, first setting up two real-time measurement and stimulation devices to work with the existing electrophysiology hardware, then conducting experiments in a model of operant conditioning contained primarily in a network of six neurons of the Buccal Ganglia in Aplysia that Drs. Nargeot and Simmers had published in a recent paper.  Preliminary data were promising, so Fred will return to Bordeaux in June 2009 to collect more data and publish the results.