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IGERT-CTS Fellow James Biagioni wins best poster award


University of Illinois at Chicago IGERT Fellow James Biagioni was recently awarded the “Best Presentation Award” at SenSys 2011, the premier conference for research in sensor systems. James was presenting the paper “EasyTracker: Automatic Transit Tracking, Mapping and Arrival Time Prediction using Smartphones”, which is joint work with CS Ph.D. students Tomas Gerlich, Timothy Merrifield, and his advisor Jakob Eriksson. James and Tomas Gerlich are both NSF IGERT Fellows participating in the Computational Transportation Science program.

EasyTracker is a system that facilitates the creation of bus tracking services for transit agencies. The system has two main components: a smartphone in every bus that needs to be tracked, and a central server that automatically infers the necessary metadata for a bus tracking system, such as the routes traveled, stops served, and their respective schedules.