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IGERT video re-imagines women in science, receives media coverage


This past summer, the Dartmouth IGERT field seminar sent a cohort of Fellows to Greenland for 6 weeks — a group that happened to be entirely female. We proudly call ourselves “The I-Girls”.

Amidst the training and field work we watched a video that attempted to advertise science to girls and young women. The video was produced by the European Commission, but was retracted shortly after the release in the face of strong criticism. We, the I-Girls, had a lot to say about the video and decided to create a video response with images that are true to our own experience as female scientists.

The New York Times blog Dot Earth featured the video, titled “Greenland Science: It’s a Girl Thing,” after it was highlighted on the Dartmouth Now news website. The video was originally released on the Dartmouth IGERT blog.

Check out the feature “Is Being A Scientist All About the Science? Actually, It Is” published on 12/18/12 by Dartmouth Now and the Dot Earth blog post, published 12/18/12 by The New York Times.

What are your thoughts? How does the larger IGERT community imagine Science and Scientists? How can we effectively share images with young people to encourage them to do science and be scientists?