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2011 Online IGERT Poster Competition


NSF’s first online IGERT poster competition took place on from May 3rd to May 6th, 2011. The competition showcased the interdisciplinary research of 135 emerging scientists from 135 different funded IGERT projects. Each presenter prepared a poster and a 3-minute audio narration. 50 faculty members volunteered to judge the online competition and they selected 20 finalists. An additional 4 finalists were selected by the IGERT community (faculty, graduate students, alumni, project coordinators, and partners) through community choice votes.

The competition has now been archived: Judges’ queries and presenters’ replies for each poster have also been made visible to logged in members.

Finalists were: Lucas Arzola, Adam Bee, Amy Belaire, Felicia Bokel, Natalie Castellana, Christopher Chase, Sophia Giebultowicz, Clare Gollnick, Ashley Hawkins, Erika Hussey, Erich Lidstone, Valerie Lieu, Katherine Luking, Susan Mackintosh, Michelle Mazurek, Sarah McKune, Peter Pantelis, Timothy Ray, Su-Jen Roberts, Marnie Rout, Gregory Smith, Brent Stephens, Sarah Stranahan, and Sarah Tahamont.

23 of the 24 finalists participated in a career advancement day and presented their posters in person on May 25th at the National Science Foundation. Tragically, one of the finalists Timothy Ray of the Global Change, Marine Ecosystems, and Society IGERT, passed away on May 16th. His poster and audio can be viewed online.

The online competition was very successful in engaging the IGERT community. Clearly the online venue allowed a greater number of IGERT members and guests to take part. The conversations online between judges, presenters and members was often very rich and perhaps more in depth than in a face-to-face competition. Yet, many students missed the face-to-face interaction and networking. We are currently analyzing participant feedback from the conference and will report in more detail in the months ahead.

From May 2nd to May 7th, 5,389 unique visitors visited the site. 834 unique members logged in. During this period there were a total of 9,347 total visits, 5,858 were from guests and 3,489 were from logged in members. 8,663 visits came from the United States. The other 684 visits came from 82 countries, including Canada (110), the United Kingdom (61), and India (48).

Use the Poster Competition link at the top of this page to view our poster with more data from the competition.