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“Providing laboratory techniques, science videos and current protocols, BenchFly is the everyday guide to your career as a scientist. Need to learn a new technique or find a better way to work? Check out the Protocols section! Leaving lab late (again) after all the restaurants close? Look for easy, cheap dinner recipes in the Blogs! Our team and advisors have a combined career span in science of over 150 years so we know how difficult research can be! We’re here to help support your life as a scientist both in and out of the lab.”

"…BenchFly was founded with a single desire: To increase the pace of scientific discovery. …At BenchFly, our goals are to do this by:

  • Expanding Scientific Learning Through Video
    First-hand demonstrations are the way we learn in lab. With science videos, users can provide that same expert instruction to anyone with an internet connection worldwide.
  • Providing a Personal Development Guide for Scientists
    Being a scientist is much more than just mixing chemicals, making discoveries and avoiding explosions … it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s highlighting the latest laboratory techniques, discussing career opportunities or providing personal organization systems, we’re here to help.
  • Reinventing the Image of the Scientist
    The pocket protector is dead. Science is an exciting, cutting-edge profession made up of intelligent, humorous, creative and passionate individuals. It’s time we share that passion with society to energize future generations of scientists and ensure the future of science remains bright."