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03/26/2014 NCPRE Ethics CORE Online Resource Organizations and Websites resource, website, online library public
10/09/2012 NSF Award and Administration Guide NSF Documents NSF resource public
10/09/2012 NSF Grant Proposal Guide NSF Documents NSF resource public
06/21/2012 NSF Grant General Conditions (GC-1) NSF Documents NSF resource public
12/29/2011 La economía de la Iniciativa Yasuní-ITT: cambio climático como si la termodinámica importara Student/Faculty Work Joseph Henry Vogel, con prefacio de Graciela Chichilnisky, y traducción del inglés por Iván Humberto Jiménez-Williams resource public
11/09/2011 Urban ecological systems: scientific foundations and a decade of progress. Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed Pickett ST, Cadenasso ML, Grove JM, Boone CG, Groffman PM, Irwin E, Kaushal SS, Marshall V, McGrath BP, Nilon CH, Pouyat RV, Szlavecz K, Troy A, Warren P. resource public
10/27/2011 Compliance and market exclusion in Brazilian agriculture: Analysis and implications for “soft” governance Student/Faculty Work Christian Brannstrom, Lisa Rausch, J. Christopher Brown, Renata Marson Teixeira de Andrade, Andrew Miccolis faculty research, resource public
06/27/2011 IDEESE: Int'l Dimensions of Ethics Educ. in Science & Engineering at the University of MA, Amherst Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Organizations and Websites curricula, resource public
06/27/2011 Ethics Education and Scientific and Engineering Research: What's Been Learned? What Should Be Done? Summary of a Workshop Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed Rachelle Hollander, editor; Carol R. Arenberg, co-editor; National Academy of Engineering resource, curricula public
06/27/2011 Ethics Education Library Interdisciplinary Ed, Organizations and Websites resource, curricula public
11/07/2010 Developing global competence in graduate engineering and science students through an IGERT international internship program IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Stephanie Cutler, Maura Borrego student research, resource public
11/07/2010 Constructive alignment of interdisciplinary graduate curriculum in engineering and science: An analysis of successful IGERT proposals Articles of Interest, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Maura Borrego, Stephanie Cutler resource, data on IGERT programs public
02/24/2010 BenchFly Organizations and Websites protocol, resource public
11/03/2009 Organizations and Websites website, resource public
07/08/2009 Institute of Arctic Studies Organizations and Websites resource public