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Patterned Radial GaAs Nanopillar Solar Cells


Photovoltaic devices using GaAs nanopillar radial p–n junctions are demonstrated by means of catalyst-free selective-area metal–organic chemical vapor deposition. Dense, large-area, lithographically defined vertical arrays of nanowires with uniform spacing and dimensions allow for power conversion efficiencies for this material system of 2.54% (AM 1.5 G) and high rectification ratio of 213 (at ±1 V). The absence of metal catalyst contamination results in leakage currents of ∼236 nA at -1 V. High-resolution scanning photocurrent microscopy measurements reveal the independent functioning of each nanowire in the array with an individual peak photocurrent of ∼1 nA at 544 nm. External quantum efficiency shows that the photocarrier extraction highly depends on the degenerately doped transparent contact oxide. Two different top electrode schemes are adopted and characterized in terms of Hall, sheet resistance, and optical transmittance measurements.