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Self-catalyzed vapor–liquid–solid growth of InP/InAsP core–shell nanopillars


Indium phosphide/indium arsenide phosphide core–shell nanopillars have been prepared by the vapor–liquid–solid method using liquid indium droplets as the catalyst. The indium droplets were generated in situ in the deposition reactor. The hexagonal nanopillars exhibited hexagonal shaped sidewalls with average width and height of 150 and 250 nm, respectively. Cross-section transmission electron microscopy with selected area electron diffraction and X-ray dispersion energy analysis verified that an InAsP layer, approximately 10 nm thick, coated the pillars. Photoluminescence spectra at 77 K yielded an extremely intense band at 0.76 eV (1.63 ?m), which was due to the InAsP shell on the pillars.