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05/10/2012 Self-catalyzed vapor–liquid–solid growth of InP/InAsP core–shell nanopillars Student/Faculty Work Vanessa Evoen, Hailong Zhou, , Li Gao, Marta Pozuelo, Baolai Liang, Jun Tatebeyashi, Suneel Kodambaka, Diana L. Huffaker, Robert F. Hicks faculty research, journal article, interdisciplinary research public
12/20/2011 Bottom-up Photonic Crystal Cavities Formed by Patterned III–V Nanopillars Student/Faculty Work Adam C. Scofield, Joshua N. Shapiro, Andrew Lin, Alex D. Williams, Ping-Show Wong, Baolai L. Liang, and Diana L. Huffaker journal article, student research, faculty research public