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Impact of gate work-function on memory characteristics in Al2O3/HfOx/Al2O3/graphene charge-trap memory devices


Graphene-based non-volatile memory devices composed of a single-layer graphene channel and an Al2O3/HfOx/Al2O3 charge-storage layer exhibit memory functionality. The impact of the gate material’s work-function (?) on the memory characteristics is investigated using different types of metals [Ti (?Ti?=?4.3?eV) and Ni (?Ni?=?5.2?eV)]. The ambipolar carrier conduction of graphene results in an enlargement of memory window (?VM), which is ?4.5?V for the Ti-gate device and ?9.1?V for the Ni-gate device. The increase in ?VM is attributed to the change in the flat-band condition and the suppression of electron back-injection within the gate stack.