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05/11/2012 Impact of gate work-function on memory characteristics in Al2O3/HfOx/Al2O3/graphene charge-trap memory devices Student/Faculty Work Sejoon Lee, Emil B. Song, Sungmin Kim, David H. Seo, Sunae Seo, Tae Won Kang, and Kang L. Wang faculty research, journal article public
01/03/2012 Cr metal thin film memory Student/Faculty Work Augustin J. Hong, Jiyoung Kim, Kyoungwhan Kim, Yong Wang, Faxian Xiu, Jaeseok Jeon, Jemin Park, Iris Rauda, Li-Min Chen, Yang Yang, Sarah Tolbert, Jin Zou, and Kang L. Wang journal article, faculty interdisciplinary research, faculty research public