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05/16/2014 Conservation opportunities across the world's anthromes Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Laura J. Martin, John E. Quinn, Erle C. Ellis, M. Rebecca Shaw, Monica A. Dorning, Lauren M. Hallett, Nicole E. Heller, Richard J. Hobbs, Clifford E. Kraft, Elizabeth Law, Nicole L. Michel, Michael P. Perring, Patrick D. Shirey, and Ruscena Wiederholt article, faculty research, student research public
10/27/2011 An indigenous religious ritual selects for resistance to a toxicant in a livebearing fish Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work M. Tobler, Zach Culumber, M. Plath, K. Winemiller, G. Rosenthal student publication public
10/27/2011 Effective culvert placement and design to facilitate passage of amphibians across roads Student/Faculty Work D. Patrick, Chris Schalk, James Gibbs, H. Woltz student research, student publication public
10/27/2011 Applied Biodiversity Science: Integrating ecology, culture, and governance for effective conservation IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed Lee Fitzgerald, Amanda Stronza faculty research public
10/27/2011 Distance sampling underestimates population densities of dune-dwelling lizards Student/Faculty Work Nicole Smolensky, Lee Fitzgerald student first author public
10/27/2011 POPULATION VARIATION IN DUNE-DWELLING LIZARDS IN RESPONSE TO PATCH SIZE, PATCH QUALITY, AND OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT Student/Faculty Work Nicole Smolensky, Lee Fitzgerald student first author public
10/25/2011 The Manju´a Fishery of Guatemala’s Caribbean: Balancing the Needs for Regional Ecosystem Productivity and National Food Security Student/Faculty Work William Heyman, Pablo Granados-Dieseldorff student research, faculty research public
10/25/2011 South-South Exchanges Enhance Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation at Various Scales Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work William D. Heyman, Amanda Stronza faculty research, faculty interdisciplinary research public
12/04/2009 University of Idaho-CATIE Publications List Student/Faculty Work IGERT Faculty and students publications list public