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11/22/2011 Interannual dynamics of aerial and arboreal green spruce aphid populations Student/Faculty Work Keith Richard Day, Matthew P. Ayres, Richard Harrington and Neil A. C. Kidd article public
11/22/2011 The Response of Taku and Lemon Creek Glaciers to Climate Student/Faculty Work Alison S. Criscitiello, Meredith A. Kelly, and Bruno Tremblay article public
11/22/2011 Global patterns of foliar nitrogen isotopes and their relationships with climate, mycorrhizal fungi, foliar nutrient concentrations, and nitrogen availability Student/Faculty Work Craine, J. M., Elmore, A. J., Aidar, M. P. M. , Amundson, R. G., Bustamante, M., Coetsee, C., Dawson, T. E., Hawkins, H. J., Hobbie, E. A., Koba, K., Mack, M. C., Makarov, M. I., McLauchlan, K. K., Michelsen, A., Nardoto, G. B., Pardo, L. H., PeƱuelas, J. article public
11/18/2011 Changing influence of Antarctic and Greenland temperature records on sea-level over the last glacial cycle Student/Faculty Work Sidall M., Kaplan M.R., Schaefer J.M., Putnam A., Kelly M.A., & Goehring B.M. article public
11/18/2011 Seasonal ice mass-balance buoys: adapting tools to the changing Arctic Student/Faculty Work Polashenski, C., Perovich, D.K., Richter-Menge, J.A., & Elder, B. article public
11/18/2011 Solar partitioning in a changing Arctic sea-ice cover Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K., Jones, K.F., Light, B., Eicken, H., Markus, T., Stroeve, J., & Lindsay, R. article public
11/18/2011 Arctic sea-ice melt in 2008 and the role of solar heating Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K., Richter-Menge, J.A., Jones, K.F., Light, B., Elder, B.C., Polashenski, C.M., LaRoche, D., Markus, T., & Lindsay, R. article public
11/18/2011 Isotopic evolution of snowmelt: A new model incorporating mobile and immobile water Student/Faculty Work Lee, J., Feng, X, Faiia, A.M., Posmentier, E.S., Osterhuber, R., & Kirchner, J.W. article public
11/18/2011 Comparison of seasonal ice-thickeness change in the Transpolar Drift observed by local ice mass-balance observations and floe-scale EM surveys Student/Faculty Work Haas, C., LeGoff, H., Audrain, S., Perovich, D., & Haapala, J. article public
11/18/2011 The Response of Taku and Lemon Creek Glaciers to Climate Student/Faculty Work Criscitiello, A.S., Kelly, M.A., & Tremblay, B. article public
11/20/2009 Project Brochure Organizations and Websites Penny Dockry brochure public
05/06/2009 Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technologies Articles of Interest S. Pacala and R. Socolow article public
05/06/2009 Bio-Char Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems - A Review Articles of Interest Johannes Lehmann, John Gaunt, and Marco Rondon article public