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11/23/2011 Simulation of melt pond evolution on level ice Student/Faculty Work Skyllingstad, E. D., Paulson, C. A. & Perovich, D. K. article public
11/23/2011 Loss of Sea Ice in the Arctic Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K. & Richter-Menge, J. A. article public
11/23/2011 Effects of freezing, growth, and ice cover on gas transport processes in laboratory seawater experiments Student/Faculty Work Loose, B., McGillis, W. R., Schlosser, P. Perovich, D. & Takahashi, T. article public
11/23/2011 On the effects of temperature on the strength of H2SO4-doped ice single crystals Student/Faculty Work Li, Xiang; Iliescu, Daniel; Baker, Ian article public
11/22/2011 Ice-sheet elevations from across-track processing of airborne interferometric radar altimetry Student/Faculty Work Hawley, R.L., Shepherd, A. P., Cullen, R., Helm, V. & Wingham, D. article public