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05/06/2009 The Responsive Ph.D.: Innovations in U.S. Doctoral Education Interdisciplinary Ed The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation article public
05/06/2009 Why Graduate Students Reject the Fast Track Interdisciplinary Ed Mary Ann Mason, Marc Goulden and Karie Frasch article public
05/06/2009 The Role of Hydrogen in a Future Sustainable Energy System Articles of Interest A. Wokaun, U. Baltensperger, K. Boulouchos, F. Gassmann, W. Hoffelner, P. Jansohn, R. Palumbo, G. Scherer, A. Steinfeld, and S. Stucki article public
05/06/2009 Solar Thermochemical Production of Hydrogen - A Review Articles of Interest Aldo Steinfeld article public
05/06/2009 Don't Forget Long-Term Fundamental Research in Energy Articles of Interest George M. Whitesides and George W. Crabtree article public
05/06/2009 Well-to-Wheel Analysis of Solar Hydrogen Production and Utilization for Passenger Car Transportation Articles of Interest Remo Felder and Anton Meier article public
05/06/2009 Does a Hydrogen Economy Make Sense? Articles of Interest Ulf Bossel article public
05/06/2009 Towards a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy: A Multi-Criteria Sustainability Appraisal of Competing Hydrogen Futures Articles of Interest William McDowall and Malcolm Eames article public
05/06/2009 Molecular Microbial Ecology: Land of the One-Eyed King Articles of Interest L.J. Forney, X. Zhou, and C.J. Brown article public
05/06/2009 Towards the Hydrogen Economy Articles of Interest Gregorio Marban and Teresa Valdes-Solis article public
05/06/2009 Fuels from Sunlight and Water Articles of Interest Aldo Steinfeld and Robert Palumbo article public
05/06/2009 Working for a Culture not Lost in Time Articles of Interest Paul K. Mueller article public
05/06/2009 New Directions in Interdisciplinarity: Broad, Deep, and Critical Interdisciplinary Ed Robert Frodeman and Carl Mithcam article public
05/06/2009 The Glycerin Glut: Options for the Value-Added Conversion of Crude Glycerol Resulting from Biodiesel Production Articles of Interest Duan T. Johnson and Katherine A. Taconi article public
05/06/2009 Indigenous Influence on Forest Management on the Menominee Indian Reservation Articles of Interest Ronald L. Trosper article public
05/06/2009 Indigenous Knowledge Informing Management on Tropical Forests: The Link between Rhythms in Plant Secondary Chemistry and Lunar Cycles Articles of Interest Kristiina A. Vogt, Karen H. Beard, Shira Hammann, Jennifer O'Hara Palmiotto, Daniel J. Vogt, Frederick N. Scatena, and Brooke P. Hecht article public
05/06/2009 Do We Need Nuclear Power? Articles of Interest Peter Hodgson and Dennis Anderson article public
05/06/2009 Vehicle-to-Grid Power Fundamentals: Calculating Capacity and Net Revenue Articles of Interest Willett Kempton and Jasna Tomic article public
05/06/2009 A Plan to Keep Carbon in Check Articles of Interest Robert H. Socolow and Stephen W. Pacala article public
05/06/2009 The "Terra Preta" Phenomenon: A model for Sustainable Agriculture in the Humid Tropics Articles of Interest Bruno Glaser, Ludwig Haumaier, Georg Guggenberger, and Wolfgang Zech article public
05/06/2009 From Glycerol to Value-Added Products Articles of Interest Mario Pagliaro, Rosaria Ciriminna, Hiroshi Kimura, Michele Rossi, and Cristina Della Pina article public
05/06/2009 Towards Producing a Truly Green Biodiesel Articles of Interest A.B. Chhetri and M.R. Islam article public
Displaying documents 201 - 222 of 222
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