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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2011 Video & Poster Competition

Project Profile

IGERT: Interdisciplinary Training in Perceptual Science

Rutgers University New Brunswick


This Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (IGERT) award supports a new graduate training program at Rutgers University in perceptual science. The past decade of growth in perceptual technologies (automated recognition systems; usable virtual environments) has created the need for a new generation of realistic, comprehensive and innovative perceptual models… more »


Project members' contributions to the library and showcase are listed here.
Title Category Type Posted At
Eye movements while viewing narrated, captioned, and silent videos Showcase Highlight 12/02/13
Detection and recognition of shapes Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Eye movements while viewing narrated, captioned, and silent videos Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Dialogue systems used in natural language interfaces Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Ability to infer intentionality of living, moving entities Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Bootstrapping course in Computer Science, Computational Modeling Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Students mentor and lead professional development Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Trainee-led weekly Perceptual Science seminar Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Algorithms to control Markov decision processes Showcase Achievement 11/19/13
Placeholder Title Showcase Achievement 11/19/13