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Making Nano-Scale Solar Cells in China


IGERT trainee Meghan Schulz discusses her research on nanostructured thin films during her international internship in Shanghai, China.

Article excerpt:

“When I entered graduate school for materials science, I didn’t expect to travel halfway around the world to conduct research on cutting-edge photovoltaics. I certainly didn’t expect to be learning a new language, eating pig intestines, and attending the Summer Olympics to boot. As it turns out, it’s all in a summer’s work for an NSF-IGERT student.

The IGERT (Integrated Graduate Education Research Traineeship) in Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen at the University of Delaware trains engineering and public policy students to come up with cross-disciplinary solutions to the severe energy problems facing our generation. Each student completes an international internship. I was lucky enough to be offered a position at GE’s China Technology Center (CTC) in Shanghai last summer. Armed with a semester of Mandarin and a willingness to eat anything, I was on my way.”