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11/23/2011 Speaking out: weighing advocacy and objectivity as a junior scientist Student/Faculty Work Morrison, T.A. & Ayres, M.P. article public
06/25/2009 Plasma Waves Studied for New Electronics Student/Faculty Work William Stillman student research public
06/23/2009 How Jellybeans Can Reveal Neuroscience to the Public Student/Faculty Work Alexis B. Webb student research public
06/23/2009 Saving Hawaii From Alien Plants Student/Faculty Work Joshua P. Atwood student research public
06/16/2009 Making Nano-Scale Solar Cells in China Student/Faculty Work Meghan Schulz student research public
06/16/2009 Students Venture into Hearts of Violent Storms Student/Faculty Work Tanya Brown student research public
06/07/2009 The Science of Team Science: Assessing the Value of Transdisciplinary Research Interdisciplinary Ed Edited by Daniel Stokols, Kara L. Hall, Brandie K. Taylor, Richard P. Moser, S. Leonard Syme journal supplement, article public
06/07/2009 Impact of Transformative Interdisciplinary Research and Graduate Education on Academic Institutions Interdisciplinary Ed, NSF Documents Carol Van Hartesveldt, Judith Giordan, many IGERT faculty and administrators from IGERT institutions Report, book, workshop public